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Hope for the HOPELESS


Amid the coronavirus pandemic many families who cannot afford to buy food are struggling to access emergency food supply at their local foodbank therefore Mind of HOPE is raising funds for Re:Store Northampton (Foodbank) to provide 'A Gift of Hope' i.e. 50 emergency food parcels for 50 families

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Mind of HOPE (MOH) is an outreach mission of Like-minded Christians. We work collaboratively with our network to support the relief of poverty through acts of random kindness nationally and internationally. Based in Northampton, we work closely with our supporters to identify unmet needs within the community and bring resources together to meet those needs. Some of this includes emergency food supplies for those desperate in need.

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These are extraordinary times for everyone, however one thing we can give each other in a time like this is HOPE. As foodbank’s are struggling to meet the current demand, as well as trying to ensure the safety of everyone, your generous act of kindness will help go a long way to people you probably cannot access yourselves.

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