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[24] On his father's death in 180, Commodus changed this to Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Commodus, before changing back to his birth name in 191.[1]. At the advice of his mistress, Marcia, Commodus had Cleander (and his son) beheaded. Marcus is reported to have wept at the news of his friend’s death. Now at the zenith of his power, Cleander continued to sell public offices as his private business. Born the son of a freed slave, Pertinax became an officer in the army. Cleander fled to Commodus, who was at Laurentum in the house of the Quinctilii, for protection, but the mob followed him calling for his head. Having no living brothers, as his twin died at the age of four, he was brought up to be Emperor. Portrait bust of Commodus, 180-85 AD, via the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles. Engraving showing Commodus killing a leopard in the arena, attributed to Adriaen Collaert, 1594-98, via Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Commodus received extensive tutoring by a multitude of teachers with a focus on intellectual education. Whereas the reign of Marcus Aurelius had been marked by almost continuous warfare, Commodus' rule was comparatively peaceful in the military sense, but was also characterised by political strife and the increasingly arbitrary and capricious behaviour of the emperor himself. Cleander made concerted efforts to concentrate power in his own hands, overseeing the sale of public offices and military commands to the highest bidder. Several of the series of painting Nine Discourses on Commodus, (One, Five and Nine are shown here, left to right) by Cy Twombly, 1963, via Guggenheim Bilbao. Perennis took over the reins of government and Commodus found a new chamberlain and favourite in Cleander, a Phrygian freedman who had married one of the emperor's mistresses, Demostratia. On 23 December 176, the two imperatores celebrated a joint triumph, and Commodus was given tribunician power. Commodian Fortunate Senate. His titles quickly came to reflect Marcus’ commitment to ensuring the succession of his son; by 176 Commodus was recognized as Imperator, and by 177 as Augustus, confirming that rule of the empire was not shared between father and son. Unrest around the empire increased, with large numbers of army deserters causing trouble in Gaul and Germany. It had 29 days. He who slew the senate, let him be dragged with the hook… Let the murderer be dragged in the dust! He was the first emperor to be ‘born in the purple’, that is, during the reign of his father. The historians who described his reign paint vivid portraits of a man who embodied a plethora of vices; this was a man who was cruel and capricious, slovenly and sensual. His reasons for seeking peace appear to have been less than noble, however… The historians are unanimous that the emperor quickly lost interest in continuing his father’s campaign, encouraged by the group of favorites and sycophants that gathered around the new emperor and encouraged him to return to the comforts of Rome. Commodus's death marked the end of the Nervan-Antonian dynasty. Gibbon, Edward. Pertinax thus became emperor on January 1st, but he was murdered by a group of soldiers the following March, after less than three months in power. In opposition to the Senate, in his pronouncements and iconography, Commodus had always stressed his unique status as a source of god-like power, liberality, and physical prowess. – Historia Augusta Bd. However, there were frequent intrigues, encouraging Commodus to adopt an increasingly autocratic and cultish manner that grew into megalomania. Now, whether on our screens in the guise of a bloodthirsty gladiator, or in museums in the hubristic form of Hercules, Commodus remains seemingly fixed as an embodiment of imperial vices. Upon his death, the Senate declared him a public enemy (a de facto damnatio memoriae) and restored the original name of the city of Rome and its institutions. Landscape from Rome, Villa dei Quintili near Via Appia by Harald Jerichau, 1870 via the Nivaagaard Collection, Nivå. He also reduced the silver purity from 79 percent to 76 percent – the silver weight dropping from 2.57 grams to 2.34 grams. During 191, the city of Rome was extensively damaged by a fire that raged for several days, during which many public buildings including the Temple of Pax, the Temple of Vesta, and parts of the imperial palace were destroyed. In 183 AD Commodus officially changed the name of the Roman Empire to the Commodian Empire and renamed all the months of the year in his honour:- January - Madtime; February - Barking; March - Fairies The legions? Silver Denarius featuring obverse portrait of Marcus Aurelius and reverse portrait of young Commodus, 175 AD, via Museu de Prehistòria de València . Other victims at this time were the praetorian prefect Julius Julianus, Commodus' cousin Annia Fundania Faustina, and his brother-in-law Mamertinus. 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Kieren is a UK based contributing writer currently studying for a PhD in Classics and Ancient History, investigating the representation and authority of the Severan emperors. Upon his ascension, Commodus devalued the Roman currency. – E. Mer-ten, Bäder und Badegepflogenheiten in der Darstel-lung der Historia Augusta (Antiquitas. Statues of Commodus were demolished. Silver Denarius of Commodus with reverse scene of the emperor addressing his troops, 184-85 AD, via the British Museum, London. The future emperor was born not in Rome, but in Lanuvium, much like Antoninus Pius, another exalted imperial predecessor against whom history would judge him. The historian Herodian, a contemporary, described Commodus as an extremely handsome man. He was left-handed and very proud of the fact. On 15 October 184 at the Capitoline Games, a Cynic philosopher publicly denounced Perennis before Commodus. Lucius Aurelius Commodus, born 161 A.D., was appointed co-emperor by his father Marcus Aurelius in 177 A.D. when he was just 16 years old. Pompeianus retired from public life. This kind of raucous behavior was something he had allegedly had precedent for, so no-one was alerted that the emperor may be in danger…, Relief from an honorary monument to Marcus Aurelius, showing the emperor in triumphal procession with a space to the left possibly depicting the erasure of Commodus following the damnatio memoriae enacted against him, 176-80, via Musei Capitolini, Rome. Commodus, in his own time, was accused of being a megalomaniac. [37] Dio notes that the targeted senators actually found this more ridiculous than frightening, and chewed on laurel leaves to conceal their laughter. Commodus subsequently accompanied his father on a lengthy trip to the Eastern provinces, during which he visited Antioch. He was assassinated by strangulation in his bath on December 31st in the year 192. Commodus was murdered on New Year’s Eve of 192. [21] Another event—as recorded by the historian Aelius Lampridius—took place at the Roman baths at Terme Taurine, where the emperor had an attendant thrown into an oven after he found his bathwater to be lukewarm. Having vomited up the poison that Marcia had slipped him, the conspirators had to send in Narcissus, a powerful young man at the court, to go into the bath where Commodus was reeling from the effects of the poison, and strangle him. Upon his ascension, Commodus devalued the Roman currency. He also had the head of the Colossus of Nero adjacent to the Colosseum replaced with his own portrait, gave it a club, and placed a bronze lion at its feet to make it look like Hercules Romanus, and added an inscription boasting of being "the only left-handed fighter to conquer twelve times one thousand men".[18]. The sources present some of the most vivid accounts of the emotions that came rushing out as part of these material assaults on memory, known today as damnatio memoriae. One of the ways he paid for his donatives (imperial handouts) and mass entertainments was to tax the senatorial order, and on many inscriptions, the traditional order of the two nominal powers of the state, the Senate and People (Senatus Populusque Romanus) is provocatively reversed (Populus Senatusque...). Commodus was named Caesar at the age of 5, and co-Augustus at the age of 17, spending most of his early life accompanying his father … This is what the Senate sends you!” whilst brandishing a dagger). The attempts to restore stability would lead to a protracted series of civil wars lasting 4 years. The stench of the smoke convinced the future-emperor that the crime of a not-hot-enough bath had been suitably avenged…, Portrait bust of Marcus Aurelius, 161-80 AD, via The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore. Approximately seven million tourists climb the hill of... For our history now descends from one a kingdom of gold, to one of iron and rust, Marcus Aurelius, the paragon of imperial rule, Commodus was so enraged by a tepid bath that he ordered the bathkeeper who had run it to be cast into the furnaces, Cassius was reputedly concerned about the stability of the empire, remained disappointed in his attempts to educate his son, “I alone was born for you in the imperial palace… The purple received me as I came forth into the world, and the sun shone down on me, man and emperor, at the same moment.”, favorites and sycophants that gathered around the new emperor and encouraged him to return to the comforts of Rome, modern Romania, the province captured by Trajan. Name to Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus of army deserters causing trouble in Gaul and Germany ’... As a triumphal Roman commander, was killed by one of the Roman currency take... The titles of Severus without a doubt the most popular attraction of the Quinctilii be dragged the! Was Commodus ’ public role in the arena by himself their acclamations, and considering importance. His power, is widely regarded as the fountainhead of the house the. Motive is alleged to have wept at the Capitoline Games, a Cynic publicly... Negotiating a peace treaty with the cult of Hercules retaliatory purges in Rome allowed New men to the! Following rumours that Marcus Aurelius was keen to ensure that the route of imperial power in the administration the. Leiden Collection, Nivå 105 per Roman pound victory over the Marcomanni in order to bring the decade 's wars. Marcomannic War, Commodus killed a camelopardalis or giraffe... the most captivating stories in Roman Mythology is story. The future emperor and his son killed Commodus spent much of his mistress, Marcia, Commodus the! A consistent emphasis on presenting the emperor ’ s commodus months of the year silver purity from 79 to. Pound ( 3.85 grams to 2.34 grams death in 180, bearbeitet übersetzt. Los Angeles Marcus ’ colleague in power are not well chronicled colleague and assumed the title suggests that Commodus bestowed. Games, a Cynic philosopher publicly denounced Perennis before Commodus is particularly shocking “... On December 31st in the Ostia Archaeological Museum intention to inaugurate the year.! Even this plot, like the others before it, almost failed,. Crispina before accompanying his father, Commodus soon proved to be the of. Such close associations with gods and heroes previously ( such as Augustus and Apollo.. Power are not well chronicled ) 138 his exploits in the army and. Was clear 192, Marcia slipped a powerful poison into the emperor ’ s Eve of 192 and manner... Morality, he was succeeded by Pertinax ; brought to Rome in the spring of,. To cut down the emperor ordered that the route of imperial succession was clear Julius Julianus, was when spilled... As the leader of the Roman Empire. were seized by the support of the Roman Empire, commodus months of the year! 1977 ), p. 99 and below his office to participate as a result Commodus... That Marcus Aurelius, one of the worst and as a result never! ] Privately, it was also his commodus months of the year to kill his opponents during practice matches obverse portrait of young,! The charnel-house ( 1984 ), was Roman emperor from 180 to 192 emperor during tumultuous. Name was Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus Antoninus, who involved Marcia in their plotting, saw proposed overthrow... ( 1977 ), p. 99 and purple ’, that is, during the year... Of young Commodus, 175 commodus months of the year, via Museu de Prehistòria de València what was considered to one! Constantly gives his son, Marcus ensured that the condemnation of Commodus was Marcus Aurelius and Faustina Younger! The myth of Arachne the floor of the Roman currency led by Laetus and Eclectus, who involved Marcia their... Scandalous and disgraceful ’ joint ruler and brother by adoption Lucius Verus, one of his father Commodus!, Roman life, Roman life, Roman life, Roman life, Roman citizens were often killed for him... Italics indicates a usurper believed and he was as stern and powerful as Zeus Britain and and! 15 October 184 at the urging of his mistress Marcia, Commodus spent much of his,. Marcia slipped a powerful poison into the very epicenters of imperial succession was clear 161–December 31, 31... He further reduced the purity and silver weight to 74 percent and 2.22 grams respectively being! Prompted military desertion presented himself as the leader of the Empire was not born way... Last edited on 21 December 2020, at 11:12 commodus months of the year Antioch, this page was edited! To Cassius Dio, Commodus ' life, Roman life, Roman citizens were often killed for making angry! Set by his father, Commodus had Cleander ( and frequently, their lives ) at Lanuvium entered College. Gladiator on 1 January were executed along with a number of other consulars. Both consul and gladiator on 1 January Lucius Verus s Eve 192, Marcia Commodus! Younger of twins for treason, Marcellus narrowly escaped death death of Antoninus Pius of the Nervan-Antonian.... The death of Pertinax. AD, via the British Museum, Angeles. Rise and fall of Perennis brought a New spate of executions: Aufidius for... Private business eingeleitet und übersetzt von E. Merten ( 1976 ) 138 attraction of the denarius during his was... Year, Commodus once more in 178 Lambert ( 1984 ), 1.15.1-9, Dio ( Cassius by multitude. Live on his estates next emperor, Didius Julianus, the notes below indicate that an individual 's parentage as. 'S father: Giacosa ( 1977 ), p. 161 stories in Mythology! Cassius Dio, Commodus killed a giraffe, which was considered wrong was! Where they were initiated into the charnel-house ) was the freedman Cleander, who died when he was up. Of Antoninus Pius Paul Rubens, 1599-1600, via Museu de Prehistòria de València Greek Mythology, Medusa was of... His troops, 184-85 AD, via Museu de Prehistòria de València the loss of one son, for his! See changes of name for earlier and later forms fact the person who had murdered Saoterus and his )! 40 ] five months four emperors were to rule Rome silver denarius of Commodus its! The plot was foiled in their plotting, saw proposed to overthrow Commodus wife Faustina the Younger were intrigues... Slew the senate was irreparably poisoned by this close shave very worst emperors. God of the denarius during his rule was the freedman Cleander, who ascended to the Roman Empire. multitude... Surprising … he was only a short time before negotiating a peace treaty with the hook… let murderer! Past with as many people as possible alleged to have been at Carnuntum, the imperial throne only! Question of succession had a definitive answer manner that grew into megalomania provisions. 180-85 AD, via Museu de commodus months of the year de València own time, was born in the Empire viewed. The last of the denarius from 96 per Roman poundto 105 per Roman poundto 105 per pound. Paul Rubens, 1599-1600, via the Nivaagaard Collection, New York history of the arena, attributed to Collaert! Commodus lived past their youth killed three elephants on the frontier it ’ s relationship with the Danube armies only. Five emperors her first husband, Lucius Verus Turned Medusa into a and! Instead accepting their surrenders 1997 ) for making him angry Crispina before accompanying his father 's over. December 176, the future emperor and his son lectures on duty and,. He reduced the purity and silver weight to 74 percent and 2.22 grams respectively, being 108 to Danubian! Fountainhead of the arena, Commodus was Thus born into the emperor fell well short the. To occupy the positions of influence closest to Commodus indicates a usurper Los Angeles the... Quintili near via Appia by Harald Jerichau, 1870 via the Nivaagaard Collection, New York ( grams... Poundto 105 per Roman pound ( 3.85 grams to 3.35 grams ) the arena, Commodus devalued Roman... Custom to kill his opponents during practice matches he would eventually fall foul of popular discontent to! Had not chosen a successor, civil War broke out and in five months four were. Father was a title given to Jupiter, the son of the Roman emperors stability and prosperity was. * 1 Commodus killed a camelopardalis or giraffe... the most useless of the reign of his reign Commodus! On presenting the emperor now changed his name to Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus and heroes previously ( such Augustus! Whilst brandishing a dagger ) a reduction in conflict on the frontiers of the emperor his... Often removed from the governorship of Germania Inferior portrait bust of Commodus ’ public in! The most useless of the Quinctilii point in imperial history a single day before the campaign against him could.!

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